Meet Claire and Faith

Claire and Faith live in rural Hampshire in the UK

About Faith

When Faith was four years old we discovered that she was a psychic medium. That is, she could see, hear, feel and communicate with people who had died. Faith is now a young teenager, and the journey we have been on together as a mother, daughter and family has been extraordinary.

Faith has learned to manage her gift alongside a ‘normal’ life both at home and school. Our book, Raising Faith details how Faith’s experiences her psychic gifts, the lessons we have learned about how to help her manage these experiences, and how we have overcome any difficulties and challenges so far.

Claire and Kids

About Claire

Claire lives in rural Hampshire in the UK with her husband and two children Faith and Tom. When the children were 4 and 2 years old respectively, Claire learned of their psychic medium abilities and she subsequently began a journey to learn as much as possible about psychic matters and the spirit world, to help and support her two children with their gift.

Since that time, Claire’s own psychic abilities continue to develop, and she loves learning about psychic experiences and spiritual truths and lessons.

Professionally, Claire is a registered Classical Homeopath with 12 years’ experience managing a successful Homeopathy practice. Claire has also extended her training to include Nutrition, Kinesiology (including food testing) and Reiki healing.

Claire’s interest in nutrition and food sensitivities began after discovering her children, and many other sensitive or psychic individuals were often affected by the food they were eating.